Give the kids something to eat they will love


It is all too common that children are picky eaters. Believe us, we are very familiar with the world-wide hatred of brussel sprouts by everyone under the age of 10. This can be extremely frustrating when you are out to eat at a restaurant and your kiddo simply cannot find anything on the menu that sounds appetizing to them. This makes finding a place to eat a hassle each and every time you don’t have the desire to cook at home.

Dakota Farms Restaurants however have compiled a kid’s menu that caters to the palate of even the pickiest child. Have a child who loves breakfast food and nothing else? At the Farms your child can order one of three breakfast meals, regardless of what time it is. We also cater to the fried-food fiend that lives in each and every child. Your kid will have the option of choosing between chicken nuggets or fingers, grilled cheese, mini burger, mini corn dogs or our delicious mac and cheese. All of these meals are served with a drink, french fries or applesauce so that your child will be full and happy once you head home.

If you have not visited one of Dakota Farms’ four locations(Mandan, Rugby, Washburn, Williston) then it is time to change that. We can offer you and your child or children something scrumptious to eat, not to mention a wonderfully friendly environment to spend time in. Visit us today and have the most satisfying and simple meal you’ve ever had.