Chances are you know someone who is an absolute fanatic about sandwiches. It might very well be you. Regardless of who it is, there is a large selection of delectable sandwiches at Dakota Farms Family Restaurant. Let’s explore just a few of the options you will have when come to indulge at one of our incredible restaurants.

The Classic Grilled Reuben

If you are sucker for Reubens then this may be an easy decision for you to make. With mouth-watering corned beef on fragrant marble rye bread and covered in swiss cheese, fresh sauerkraut and creamy thousand island dressing, this classic sandwich is taken to the next level at our restaurant.

Chicken Club Golden
If you are sick of getting chicken sandwiches from fast food drive thrus then you will love this perfect rendering of a fried chicken club. Served atop a natural grain steak bun and a perfectly deep fried chicken breast, this sandwich comes with American cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise.

The B.L.T.
Yum! Simple and more than satisfying, our B.L.T. pays homage to one of the most beloved sandwiches of all time. Crisp and tender bacon, freshly cut tomatoes and crisp lettuce, all between two pieces of toast smothered in mayonnaise. You can’t go wrong!

All of the sandwiches served at our family restaurants are served with hot french fries and pickles. If you are a sandwich lover it’s time to make a trip to one of our four locations in North Dakota. Stop in today and treat yourself to a delicious meal.