Summer is right around the corner and homestyle cooking has never sounded so good. Here are the top three reasons we think you should take a trip to your nearest Dakota Farms restaurant.

  1. Here are three reasons to visit Dakota Farms for homestyle cooking this summer.It’s just too hot to cook. We get it—turning the oven on when your house is already too warm for anything more than just lounging on the couch isn’t fun. Leave the homestyle cooking to us and don’t worry about turning your oven on and making your already-hot house even hotter.
  2. After a long day enjoying a bike ride, trip to the pool, garden work, or whatever else you decide to do during the summer, it just feels good to kick back with family or friends and enjoy eating at a good restaurant that serves your favorite food.
  3. If you’ve been grilling in the backyard this summer, you’ve probably been enjoying good food. Sometimes, however, you just need a break! Don’t worry about making the trip to the grocery store when it’s as simple as heading over to Dakota Farms for some homestyle cooking that will leave you smiling and satisfied.

There you have it. Take a break from whatever else is going on this summer and make the trip to Dakota Farms where you can get breakfast all day! If that’s not quite your style, why not try our grilled reuben or a delicious chicken-fried steak? Homestyle cooking is just around the corner because we’ve got locations in Mandan, Washburn, Rugby, and Williston! Visit us today!