1. Have Your Meal With A Side Of WiFi

    It’s the 21st century which in the most minimal way means that we are all connected and constantly. We know that when you are traveling for work (especially if you do it often) that it can be hard to find establishments that can provide you with both a warm and delicious meal as well as the ability to do your work. Thankfully, Dakota Farms Restaurants are all fully equipped with wireless interne…Read More

  2. Home Style Meals In A Diner Setting

    One of the major reasons restaurants get such a bad reputation is due to the fact that you are not eating in the comfort of your own home. In an unfamiliar setting people tend to feel more uptight and less likely to enjoy their meals as much as they would sitting at their own dining room table. At Dakota Farms restaurants however, we have the homey feeling your crave with even better homestyle coo…Read More

  3. Our Famous Breakfast Meals Will Start Your Morning (or Afternoon) Right

    In a perfect world you would wake up in your home to the smell of sizzling sausage, toasting bread and warm decadent gravy being prepared in your kitchen every morning. Unfortunately, life keeps you busy and as much as you would love to have breakfast made for you or even have time to make it for yourself every day, it’s just not practical. Additionally, cooking on the weekends ends up being a h…Read More

  4. Dakota Farms: The Food and Family Friendly Atmosphere You Crave

    Sometimes going to a restaurant cause be a stressful experience. Who are we kidding? Most of the time enjoying your meal at a restaurant would require the hostess handing you a set of earplugs and a booth secluded from the rest of the patrons. It truly is the nature of the beast. That is, everywhere but Dakota Farms Restaurants. When you come to eat at Dakota Farms you can bet it will feel like co…Read More