1. Give the kids something to eat they will love

    Your Kid’s New Favorite Meal Is At Dakota Farms

    It is all too common that children are picky eaters. Believe us, we are very familiar with the world-wide hatred of brussel sprouts by everyone under the age of 10. This can be extremely frustrating when you are out to eat at a restaurant and your kiddo simply cannot find anything on the menu that sounds appetizing to them. This makes finding a place to eat a hassle each and every time you don’t…Read More

  2. Get breakfast at Dakota Farms

    Find Coziness and Comfort At Dakota Farm Restaurants This Winter

    Well it’s time to face it, the warm months are over and winter is slowly becoming more and more present with each passing day of fall. You may be dreading the North Dakota snow and sleet that is sure to appear within the next month or so, but there is truly no reason to fret. Dakota Farms is the perfect place to come have a delicious meal no matter what time of year it is and for several rea…Read More

  3. Your Favorite Sandwich Is Waiting For You At Our Mandan Restaurant

    Chances are you know someone who is an absolute fanatic about sandwiches. It might very well be you. Regardless of who it is, there is a large selection of delectable sandwiches at Dakota Farms Family Restaurant. Let’s explore just a few of the options you will have when come to indulge at one of our incredible restaurants. The Classic Grilled Reuben If you are sucker for Reubens then this m…Read More

  4. breakfast platter

    Outstanding Senior Specials In Washburn

    We know it is often hard to decide whether or not you want to go out to eat or stay in and cook for yourself. There are certainly advantages to both. For one, going out to eat allows you to relax and not have to worry about what to cook, how much to cook and how long it will take to finish preparing the meal. Then again, there is always the concern of money being spent when you go out to eat. Than…Read More

  5. Get The Best Dakota Steak In Williston

    In a world that gets more health conscious by the day, it is important to take a break from the daily salad you eat and treat yourself to something a little more savory every once in awhile. Thankfully, Dakota Farms Restaurants has a number of rich and satisfying meals to give you the sustenance you need. The Be All, End All Steak The most popular meal we serve that tends to keep people coming bac…Read More

  6. Our Rugby Location Has Gourmet Pasta Dishes

    We all have a weakness for delicious, savory pasta. After all there is something very comforting about a meal with so many components that blend perfectly when they are all combined on a plate. The Dakota Farms Restaurant in Rugby is very special in that this location offers 3 amazing pasta dishes whereas the rest of our locations do not. Let take a closer look at these fine Italian meals! Herb An…Read More

  7. Omelettes All Day, Everyday at Dakota Farms Restaurant

    One of the best reasons Dakota Farms Restaurants serve breakfast all day long has to do with preference. For some people, the thought of eggs in the morning is enough to turn their stomach, but on the other hand, nothing sounds better than those tasty things by the time dinner rolls around. We want our customers to be able to get what they crave when they crave it...always. One of the meals we get…Read More

  8. The Perfect Place For A Gathering In North Dakota

    Dakota Farms Restaurants have everything you need to have a fun-filled gathering with the people you cherish the most. With a homey ambiance and more than enough delicious food to make everyone beyond happy, you will be happy you didn't go somewhere else, or stay home for that matter. Hosting a big dinner party or even having a few friends over to your home for hors d'oeuvres can be a long process…Read More

  9. The Best Breakfast In Mandan, North Dakota

    Whether you are a long time member of the Mandan community or if you are simply stopping through on your trip down I-94, you are sure to find what you are craving at Dakota Farms Family Restaurant. Located on East Main Street and open from 6am-9pm, our Mandan location can provide you with a warm and friendly environment while as you enjoy a delicious meal, resembling the down home cooking you crav…Read More

  10. The Best Restaurant Service In North Dakota

    We know that experiencing bad service at a restaurant can deter you from ever wanting to visit that establishment again. Whether it is an absent server who can’t seem to refill your drinks in a timely manner or an unpleasant hostess, these things reflect badly on the restaurant as a whole. At Dakota Farms, we know the importance of providing the best possible service to all of our patrons. We hi…Read More