1. Your Favorite Family Restaurant in Mandan

    In this day and age, it is often hard to get some good quality family time in. When you have a career, a house full of busy teenagers, and the ever dreaded cell-phone that makes it nearly impossible for conversations to happen when the family does happen to be in the same room, what are you to do? Spending hours making a meal at home will only wear you out. But there is one thing most people find …Read More

  2. A Menu With Many Options

    Get a Taste of the South Up North at Dakota Farms

    If you grew up in the South or you just love a good home style meal like it came straight out of mama’s kitchen, you might be surprised to know that you can find it in North Dakota. However. Dakota Farms Restaurants pride themselves on serving up some of the best southern cuisine in all of Northernmost parts of the United States. Don’t believe us? Let’s talk about some of the dishes that we …Read More

  3. Old Fashioned Meals for Growing Boys

    Cooking night after night can be exhausting when it is for an entire family. This is especially true if there are men in your home. Making enough food to feed everyone can sometimes be a struggle. Your sons seem to eat more at every meal you make and it’s not exactly easy on your free time or your grocery bill. You need to be able to feed those teenage boys without breaking your bank! Lucky for …Read More

  4. Have The Perfect Lunch Date at Our Williston Location

    It’s the middle of the week and work is stressing you out to no end. You have four projects due, your coworker Cindy will not stop hassling you about whether or not you will be attending her baby shower in two months and your boss hasn’t come into the office since last week. Instead of sacrificing your lunch hour to mull over all you have to do or catch up on a little bit of work, take a break…Read More

  5. Hot & Savory Homemade Soups at Our Washburn Location

    During the winter months there are many foods that aren’t really your “go to” per say. For instance, you don’t immediately crave ice cream when it’s 30 degrees outside, after all you are doing all you can to stay warm. However, there is one food that is literally made for eating in the winter and that food is soup! At Dakota Farms Family Restaurants we have a fresh ho…Read More

  6. Try Our Breakfast Specialties at Our Rugby Location

    If you are a breakfast connoisseur, then it’s time you had the very best breakfast in all of North Dakota. That’s right, at Dakota Farms Family Restaurants we pride ourselves on the fact that we serve the most decadent, mouth-watering breakfast meals all day long. Granted, you are welcome to order whatever your typical breakfast favorite is, but when in Rugby, we suggest you indulge in…Read More

  7. Check Out Daily Lunch Specials at Our Mandan Location

    Whether it is Monday or Friday, in the middle of a long work day there is little that can revitalize you like a delicious hot meal. If you work in the Mandan area there is nowhere better to spend your lunch hour than Dakota Farms Family Restaurant. At the Farms we have amazing lunch specials for you to choose from daily, not to mention a menu that is equipped with anything and everything you may b…Read More

  8. Happy Holidays From Dakota Farms Family Restaurants

    The holidays are the time of year when we really take account of everything in our lives that we have to be thankful for. We surround ourselves with people who we love, delicious food to eat and the reminders of how fortunate we are to have everything that we do. It is at this time of year that we at Dakota Farms would like to thank each and every person who has frequently our restaurant. We love …Read More

  9. Get Rid Of Those Winter Blues at Dakota Farms Family Restaurant

    We all have to admit that when winter rolls around we often find ourselves feeling a bit under the weather(and we don’t just mean when you get a cold). There is something about the winter season that turns us all into recluses whose only desire is to stay warm and away from the harsh weather conditions that frequent North Dakota November through March. In order to combat these negative feeli…Read More

  10. Happy Thanksgiving From Dakota Farms!

    With family members arriving at your North Dakota home in the next couple of days to celebrate Thanksgiving this means that you will be having to prep all the different courses of your Thanksgiving day meal over the course of the week. This also means that you will undoubtedly not be in the mood to cook any other meals for all the people occupying your home for the holiday. Dakota Farms Restaurant…Read More