Here at Dakota Farms, we’re the family restaurant that loves anything food related. That’s why we love seeing fun restaurants when we go to the movies or turn on the television. Here are a few of our favorites that, although they’re not real, they’re great to watch on screen:

  • Your favorite movie characters probably had a family restaurant they frequented.Bob’s Burgers is both the name of the Fox cartoon and the name of the restaurant owned by Bob Belcher and his family. Famous for their, you guessed it, daily hamburger specials (the type of hamburger changes each episode and is often a play on words), Bob’s Burgers is filled with characters that are a joy to watch every week.
  • Central Perk is the classic coffee house from Friends. A number of the show’s scenes take place inside of Central Perk and the coffee shop itself almost becomes a character. Known for its comfy couches, blonde-haired manager, and Phoebe’s performances, we’d love to be able to spend some time in Central Perk.
  • The Soul Food Café from the classic 80s film The Blues Brothers is a family restaurant that seems to be doing just fine before the arrival of the film’s protagonists, Jake and Elwood Blues. Add in the fact that Aretha Franklin is the restaurant’s owner and it’s a place that we’d try in a heartbeat.

These fictional family restaurants were a place that characters went to fill up, enjoy each other’s company, and just hang out in. Why not make the Dakota Farms in Rugby your go-to family restaurant for the same reason? We’d absolutely love to have you. We’re the diner that’s got breakfast all day and we’d be thrilled to be the hangout spot for your crew. Stop in and see us today!

Dakota Farms wants to be your go-to family restaurant.