One of the best reasons Dakota Farms Restaurants serve breakfast all day long has to do with preference. For some people, the thought of eggs in the morning is enough to turn their stomach, but on the other hand, nothing sounds better than those tasty things by the time dinner rolls around. We want our customers to be able to get what they crave when they crave it…always.

One of the meals we get the most compliments on that other places is only present in the morning hours is our omelettes. The most famous of our omelettes will give you a better idea of why we serve them all day long too. The Dakota Farms Stuffed Omelette has everything! Made with four eggs and filled with diced ham, crisp chopped mushrooms, bell peppers, onions and cheese and then topped with a delicious special Mexican sauce and more cheese, this meal is perfect for every time of day.

We also serve classic omelettes like the Denver(green peppers, onions, ham, american cheese) and the always great Mushroom & Swiss Cheese Omelette. We also offer vegetarian omelette for those who like their omelettes a little bit on the lighter side.

Regardless of what you prefer you can get any of our amazing omelettes, at any time of day, at any of our four locations in North Dakota(Mandan, Rugby, Williston and Washburn). Stop in and try one today! You will wonder how you went this long without eating breakfast at any time you like! In fact, you may not want to eat anything else ever again.