One of the major reasons restaurants get such a bad reputation is due to the fact that you are not eating in the comfort of your own home. In an unfamiliar setting people tend to feel more uptight and less likely to enjoy their meals as much as they would sitting at their own dining room table.

At Dakota Farms restaurants however, we have the homey feeling your crave with even better homestyle cooking. Getting your favorite southern meals in North Dakota isn’t going to be a problem from now on! We have home cooked classics like patty melts, chicken-fried steak, roast beef dinners and much, much more!

When you visit a Dakota Farms restaurant you will feel as if you have been transported back to mama’s kitchen. We also serve breakfast all day long so if you’re a die hard fan of bacon and eggs or biscuits and gravy we are sure to satisfy your craving. Basically, our goal is to make you feel as though you are sitting in your own kitchen while you dine with us. We love introducing new people to our menu that features a myriad of different food and we love making new friends!

We have locations in Mandan, Rugby, Washburn and Williston so that people on any end of the state have the chance to eat our delicious food and enjoy our homey atmosphere! Stop by one of our locations and see for yourself, or rather taste for yourself. We won’t be satisfied until you are!