Let us walk you through a situation that you may have found yourself in before. You moved out of your childhood home years ago, you’ve been cooking for yourself for ages, and you’re pretty satisfied with the chef you’ve turned out to be over the years.

But one day the craving for home style cooking hits you.

“Not a problem,” you think to yourself. “I’ll just give Ma a call and get her recipe for biscuits and gravy. How hard could it be?”

Here’s where it could branch off, however.

Scenario A: You follow the recipe to a T, but when you taste it, it’s just not quite right. It’s not bad or anything. It might even be pretty good! But it’s just not the same as your mom’s.

Scenario B: You’re not as great at cooking as you think and your attempt at biscuits and gravy sets your kitchen on fire, leaving you with a disaster to clean up, but also no biscuits and gravy.

You’re in luck though, because home style cooking just got a little bit easier.

Getting a craving for some home style cooking or a plate of good, old fashioned breakfast food is a normal part of life. At Dakota Farms in Washburn, our diner menu is full of delicious food that’s as good as (or better than, but we promise we won’t tell her that!) your mom used to make.

Our Home Style Country Breakfast comes with two eggs, American fries, a warm buttermilk biscuit, and your choice of bacon, country style sausage, or a pork sausage patty or links. The Chuck Wagon Breakfast is sure to leave you satisfied with its tenderized chicken fried steak that’s topped with delicious sausage gravy, two eggs, hash browns, and buttered toast. We also offer nine (yes, you read that right) different Breakfast Creations that are sure to have lovers of traditional breakfast grinning from ear to ear.

breakfasttextAlthough we’re well known around Washburn for our mouthwatering breakfasts, you’re in luck, because our menu doesn’t stop with breakfast. Whether you’re in the mood for a sandwich (we have Reubens, Club Sandwiches, Grilled Cheeses, Fish Sandwiches, BLTs, and more) or a 100% lean ground beef hamburger (just take a look at the menu because there’s something for everyone), we’re sure to have the home style cooking that your body craves.

It’s true that we have something to make everyone happy at Dakota Farms with a menu that’s full of awesome breakfast foods, excellent lunches, and delicious hearty dinners. Kids and senior citizens even get their own menus as well!

And hey, next time your folks are in town, why not bring them to Dakota Farms? Just because you’re not the one doing the home style cooking doesn’t mean your family can’t eat it. Leave it to us to make sure that the whole family is smiling and satisfied.

Take a look at our maps and then stop in at one of our locations today. We look forward to feeding you!