Why visit a diner right after the holidays? Well, to put it simply, it’s because grabbing yourself some breakfast food or home style cooking is a great way to ease yourself back into life after Christmas. We’ve talked about it before on our blog—everyone loves turkey, stuffing, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, ham, and everything else that gets put on the table at a traditional holiday meal. And sure, sometimes getting back into the swing of things after eating such delicious foods can be a challenge.

At Dakota Farms, it doesn’t have to be.

What better way to ease yourself back into eating your culinary staples than by letting us give you a piece of home style cooking that reminds you of that turkey dinner?

For many people, nothing feels like home quite as much as eating Grandma’s casserole or Mom’s chicken or even one of Dad’s burgers, but at Dakota Farms, we’re dedicated to bringing you all the tastes of home and it’s as simple as browsing out diner menu and telling us what you want. In fact, we even have a couple of suggestions for you.

Home Style Cooking in Washburn

Can we really help to bring you a satisfying meal that you only thought you could get at home? Our breakfast menu suggests that yes, we can. All it takes is a look at our famous Breakfast Creations to see that whether you want fresh eggs, thick slices of bacon, sausage links, buttered toast, hash browns, or even steak, Dakota Farms is your source for home style cooking.

It’s almost as good as being back home, sitting at the dining room table, and chatting with your family!

Or how about our Chuck Wagon Breakfast? It gets a lot of mention on our blog, and for good reason! Imagine a tenderized chicken fried steak, creamy country-style sausage gravy, two fresh eggs (cooked to your choice, but we wholeheartedly recommend ordering them over easy), golden-fried hash browns, and buttered toast. If a delicious home style meal like this doesn’t remind you of the dinner table back home, we don’t know what will. (And if you never had something like this at home, it will remind you that you have to bring your family to Dakota Farms next time they’re in town!)

Another little gift straight from heaven to our dinner table is the Rancher’s Breakfast. Diced ham, fresh onions and bell peppers, and hash browns start things off right. It’s then topped with American cheese and two eggs (again, we recommend them over easy—trust us when we say that you’ll thank us), and a slice of buttered toast on the side completes the package. Now how’s that for home style cooking?

side-image_eggsBreakfast Food Not Your Thing? Try These Instead.

Maybe breakfast doesn’t remind you of home style cooking quite the way a burger, a sandwich, or a hearty meal might. If that’s the case, then you are in luck because our menu is packed with delicious foods that anyone will enjoy!

Nothing reminds us of Saturdays at home with our moms quite like a Grilled Ham and Cheese. There’s just something about warm shaved ham and melted American cheese between hot grilled bread that brings back memories of lazy weekends watching cartoons. What’s even better is that at Dakota Farms, we serve our Grilled Ham and Cheese with French fries and pickles. There’s even an option to add a cup or bowl of soup. It’s the perfect way to relive some nostalgia while eating a delicious meal at your home in Washburn.

As we mentioned above, it’s hard not to think of Dad’s tasty burgers and crave a little something special. That’s why we have a great selection of burgers that will leave you smiling and satisfied. Whether you opt for a classic like our burger with American cheese or spice things up a bit with the Mushroom ‘n’ Swiss Burger, a Dakota Farms Burger, or our Fleischkeuchle, you’re sure to find something that hits your taste buds in just the right way.

Or perhaps you’re more in the mood for something a bit heartier. From steak (chicken-fried, sirloin, rib eye, ham, or ground beef steaks are all available and all absolutely delicious) to roast beef to fish to chicken dinners, you’re sure to find a bit of home style cooking at Dakota Farms that reminds you of home. We even have liver and onions! Is there a better home style meal than that?

Your Source for Home Style Cooking Away From Home

No matter who you are, we have something on our menu for you here at Dakota Farms. Bringing the kids? We have a menu just for them. Bringing your grandparents? We have a menu for them as well (or 10% discount on any of our other menu items). It doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood for one of our Breakfast Creations or a Chicken Strip Dinner, you’re sure to find the home style cooking you need at Dakota Farms.

So go ahead and ease yourself back into your regular eating habits after this holiday season with a little help from Dakota Farms. We’re positive that no matter which of our menu items you choose, you’ll be glad you stopped in and that we’ll be glad to see you (and that you’ll leave with a full tummy and a smile on your face). Come on in and visit us today!