It’s the 21st century which in the most minimal way means that we are all connected and constantly. We know that when you are traveling for work (especially if you do it often) that it can be hard to find establishments that can provide you with both a warm and delicious meal as well as the ability to do your work. Thankfully, Dakota Farms Restaurants are all fully equipped with wireless internet!

Stop in to a Dakota Farms restaurant at one of our four locations today and treat yourself to something great like our Rancher’s Breakfast or our famous biscuits and gravy without wasting any time in which you could be productive.

Our friendly staff will provide you with excellent service while also taking into account that you are busy at work. We strive to accommodate every kind of patron that walks into our door and we know that being bothered constantly while you are diligently working is the last thing you want.

If you driving through North Dakota and you need a space to complete your work and food that isn’t being handed to you through a drive thru window then Dakota Farms is the right place for you. we have locations in Mandan, Rugby, Washburn and Williston so that no matter where you are, you can be in the warm inviting atmosphere of one of our restaurants. Call for directions or to find out more about what we offer on our menu. You won’t be sorry you did!