dreamstime_xxl_19611819It’s the middle of the week and work is stressing you out to no end. You have four projects due, your coworker Cindy will not stop hassling you about whether or not you will be attending her baby shower in two months and your boss hasn’t come into the office since last week. Instead of sacrificing your lunch hour to mull over all you have to do or catch up on a little bit of work, take a break from all the pressure that is being put on you and sneak out for an hour to meet your honey for a nice relaxing meal.

Sure, you could skip your lunch break, but would it do you any good? Sometimes all we really need is a little break from our busy schedules to truly get a handle on what must be done. There is no better place than Dakota Farms Restaurants for you to have a wonderful comforting meal with your sweetheart. Our homestyle meals are sure to make you forget about all the woes that were weighing you down at the office and having some nice company never hurts either.

You can indulge in a hearty sandwich of your choice or eat a filling breakfast regardless of what time it is, as we serve the most important meal of the day at all hours! Don’t let all of the stresses of the world crash down on you day after day. Reward yourself with the perfect lunch date at Dakota Farms Restaurant in Williston!

We also have locations is Rugby, Washburn and Mandan. Stop in and see us today!