With family members arriving at your North Dakota home in the next couple of days to celebrate Thanksgiving this means that you will be having to prep all the different courses of your Thanksgiving day meal over the course of the week. This also means that you will undoubtedly not be in the mood to cook any other meals for all the people occupying your home for the holiday.

Dakota Farms Restaurants would love to accommodate you and your entire family the day before Thanksgiving. We have delicious home style meals that will allow you to be extremely satisfied without having to put in all the work that comes with feeding a large family. Not to mention everyone can get the exact meal they want rather than you having to take into consideration what each person likes in order to make one satisfactory meal. We serve a large breakfast menu all day long with delicious meals like biscuits and gravy and a many options for omelettes as well as a large lunch menu. From burgers to salads to an extensive list of amazing sandwiches, you can find all your favorites at Dakota Farms.

We also have kid’s meals and senior discounts so that everyone in your family gets what they want when they visit our restaurant. Stop in this holiday season and bring the entire clan. We look forward to seeing you and meeting everyone who means the most to you, as well as feeding them! And in case you don’t make it our way for Thanksgiving, have a wonderful holiday and perhaps we will see you at Christmas time!