We all have to admit that when winter rolls around we often find ourselves feeling a bit under the weather(and we don’t just mean when you get a cold). There is something about the winter season that turns us all into recluses whose only desire is to stay warm and away from the harsh weather conditions that frequent North Dakota November through March. In order to combat these negative feelings that often become overwhelming in the dead of winter, we suggest stopping into one of our four family restaurant locations.

There is nothing that will make you feel more at home than an old fashioned meal of delicious Chicken-Fried Steak and a side of hot and crispy french fries. An amazing southern style meal is all it will take to make your day go from drab to fantastic.

If you would rather have breakfast, well we have that too! And we serve it all day long. Find comfort in a classic bacon, eggs and toast meal, or go for something a little more decadent like one of our fabulous omelettes.

Not hungry? Come sit with our friendly staff as you enjoy a cup of freshly brewed coffee. The warm feeling you will experience inside will not just be from your hot beverage but also from the wonderful company you can gain in the other patrons of our restaurant.

Regardless of what you are craving or end up ordering you are sure to get that warm feeling of comfort that you get at home when you come into a Dakota Farms Restaurant. We have locations in Mandan, Rugby, Washburn and Williston. Stop into one of our restaurants this winter and find something to be happy about this winter that isn’t staying indoors! You’ll be happy that you did!