If you’ve recently been to Dakota Farms, there’s a pretty good chance you’re thinking about how much you love our homestyle meals. Whether you’re in Williston, Washburn, Mandan, or Rugby, Dakota Farms Family Restaurant has been providing North Dakota with an awesome breakfast-all-day menu and the foods you’ve been craving.

Luckily for you, we can handle catering for your next event as well!

You love our famous caramel rolls and our daily lunch specials, right? So why not let us handle providing all of the food for your group? Here are a few of the events we can cater:


Some of our favorite wedding receptions are the ones that are remembered for their non traditional foods. Instead of having your guests check the option of chicken or fish, wow them with an incredible selection of breakfast foods, compliments of your favorite family restaurant!

Business Lunches

Your employees work hard for you, often going above and beyond to make that big sale or make an unhappy customer satisfied with the service you provide. Why not treat your employees to lunch? Whether you’re having a lunch meeting and want to provide everyone with something to eat or you’re having a company picnic and providing all of the food, we can help!

Parties of All Kinds

Whether it’s a birthday party for the kids or a housewarming party to celebrate the fact that you’re finally settled into your home, you want your guests to enjoy the food. We can provide homestyle meals, ensuring that you don’t have to cook, but can instead focus on entertaining your guests.

Anything Else

From graduation celebrations to impromptu get togethers, you can count on the Dakota Farms Family Restaurant staff to provide you with all of the delicious foods you’re craving that are sure to have your guests raving for months.

At Dakota Farms Family Restaurant, We Can Make It Happen

Not sure what you’d like on your catering menu? We can help you plan to suit the unique needs of your guests. Know exactly what homestyle meals you want us to bring? Well, we’re happy to do that as well!

No matter what the event is or what your needs are, we’re here to help. At Dakota Farms Family Restaurant, our goal is to provide people with the absolute best food in North Dakota. So go ahead and give us a call to start planning for your next big event today!