Whether you’re in the mood for breakfast, second breakfast, a burger, or a roast beef dinner, Dakota Farms in Rugby has the home style cooking you are craving. Regardless of what you’re in the mood for, you’re sure to leave happy and full. After all, when you’ve had a long day at work, what do you crave? A little home style cooking, right? Luckily for you, Dakota Farms has the food that fits the bill.

5083-1-2Research has shown that the comfort foods that we crave are the bits of cooking we remember from our past. By our very nature, human beings are nostalgic creatures, and we tend to remember the past in a way that makes light of situations in order to remember them more happily. Basically, whatever you ate as a child is what you’ll seek out as an adult when you’re looking for some good, old fashioned comfort food.

Fortunately, Dakota Farms’ home style cooking is here for you; whether you’d like to relive the past with a chicken fried steak like mom used to make, a grilled cheese sandwich like you used to enjoy for Saturday lunch, or create a new favorite comfort food like our beef Bolognese pasta stop by our location in Rugby. We’re sure that you’ll leave satisfied and smiling.

Don’t forget that we offer side items as well! Want a pancake with your burger? No judgement here! You’re sure to get the home style cooking and the exact meal that you want at Dakota Farms. Drop in for some comfort food today!