top-banner1-1What’s better than breakfast all day at Dakota Farms? We think the answer is simple—nothing!

We’re proud to say that our customers agree! In today’s blog, we’re going to look at what some of our reviews say about Dakota Farms.

side-page-content-image1-1Here’s what they’ve been saying about the homestyle meals available at our breakfast restaurant:

“Waitress was very pleasant and accommodating. Food was great and the atmosphere was very comfortable.” – Norma

Thanks for the kind words, Norma! We work hard to provide awesome breakfast food at a great price in a comfortable environment. At Dakota Farms, we strive to be the diner that you keep coming back to. One of the ways we do that is by hiring the best staff to make sure that our customers’ needs are met. Speaking of which…

“The wait staff is the best—friendly, happy, and full of life.” –Vicki

“Great food and service. They make you feel like family.” –Marco

“The food was exceptional, very clean restaurant, good service—would highly recommend.” –Juli

We’re so thrilled that you enjoyed our staff, Vicki, Marco, and Juli! As we said before, the employees at Dakota Farms are what make everything so great. We’re so pleased that their joy for life was contagious. We can’t tell you how glad we are that our staff met your expectations (and it sounds like you enjoyed the food as well!).

“Great homestyle meals. Enjoyed the seating arrangement for a family and friends gathering on the spur of the moment. We’ll always return when in Mandan.” –Marion

“Amazing food, good people, awesome desserts.” –Wade

“Love the food. Great place to eat at. Good service.”

At Dakota Farms, reviews like these are exactly why we do what we do. Our goal is to be a high point in your day and the way we do that is by serving breakfast all day! The icing on the cake (or in this case perhaps a better metaphor is “the sausage on the croissant”) is our friendly staff. Does it get any better than our homemade soups, famous caramel rolls, and daily lunch specials? We’d be inclined to say that it doesn’t!

Perhaps this is your first time on our website and you’re about to take a look at the menu. Allow us to make a couple of suggestions. Of course, keep in mind that if you’re looking for breakfast all day in Mandan, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

Our Dakota Farms Biscuit and Gravy is a favorite. Two delicious, warm buttermilk biscuits, Dakota Farms country-style sausage gravy, two eggs however you like them, and golden friend hash browns tie the whole package together.

How about Breakfast Creation 6 if you’re in the mood for something a little sweeter? Three thickly cut slices of French loaf are dipped and fried until they’re that perfect golden-brown color. Served with warm maple syrup, we have no doubt that you’ll leave happy.

If you brought your appetite with you, Breakfast Creation 9 is going to be your first stop on our menu. Choose either 6 ounces of top sirloin or 8 ounces of hamburger steak, two eggs any way you prefer, delicious hash browns, and your choice of Dakota Farms special recipe. That means that things are cooked exactly to your liking. We’ll be shocked if you don’t leave full.

Choosing which breakfast food you’d like to eat is tricky because it’s all good! We think we have the solution for you. Breakfast Creation 8 gets you buttermilk pancakes or French toast. From there, choose between bacon, Dakota Farms country style sausage, sugarcured ham, and pork sausage patties or links. We’ll even give you some warm maple syrup on the side. If you’re feeling bold, you can always add a biscuit and gravy on the side to make sure that you get everything you’re in the mood for.

No matter what item you choose, we hope that you’ll be just as thrilled with our breakfast all day restaurant as the reviewers above were! Take a look at the rest of our menu and stop in and see us in Mandan today! We’re sure that you’ll find something to satisfy those breakfast cravings!