Sometimes going to a restaurant cause be a stressful experience. Who are we kidding? Most of the time enjoying your meal at a restaurant would require the hostess handing you a set of earplugs and a booth secluded from the rest of the patrons. It truly is the nature of the beast. That is, everywhere but Dakota Farms Restaurants.
When you come to eat at Dakota Farms you can bet it will feel like coming home. Upon walking through the door the first thing you will notice is the intoxicated aroma of bacon, eggs, biscuits and so much more. Our friendly staff will then greet and escort you to your table, one that will allow for you and your family to have privacy from our other patrons and their conversations. Your server will provide you with beverages and then the hard part comes: choosing something off our extensive menu.
Whether you are a breakfast lover or prefer a hearty freshly prepared sandwich, Dakota Farms is sure to keep you coming back for more. We take pride in the quality and versatility of our menu. There is something on our menu to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters!
If it’s scrumptious meals and a family friendly atmosphere you are looking for then look no further than our restaurants. We have 4 locations across the state of North Dakota, all as good as the last. We also serve breakfast all day long! So, don’t wait another minute and come down to a Dakota Farms Restaurant today. You’ll never want to leave!